Hey there! I'm Cara Fiano, a blogger with a passion for all things natural. I love to read, explore new places, practice yoga, cook, go to coffee shops, and spend a lot of time with my my long-term boyfriend, Iain. My interest in the natural world began as a child and grew into me getting BS degrees in Environmental Science and Geography. I have always loved spending time outdoors and have found that living a clean, healthy life really makes a difference to overall happiness and health. I'm really big on skin care, makeup, smoothies, and general healthy eating and living. I look for products with ingredients that come from the natural world, not from a lab. This world is filled with plants that have such wonderful benefits for our skin. I'm here to make your life easier by seeing what works and what doesn't. Follow me on my journey as I explore the world around me and forge my own path through life, exploring natural beauty products and healthy recipes along the way!

Skin Type and Problem Areas: Oily, acne-prone, large pores and redness