Botanical Eyebrow Growth Treatment: Rooted Earth Farm Eyebrow Potion (w/ Before & After Photos)

June 26, 2017


Rooted Earth Farm is a five acre herb farm and organic apothecary owned by Sara and Pieter in Casco, Maine. Sara has been creating and selling these products for 20 years and has an educational background in sustainable agriculture and horticulture. All products are handmade by them so everything has a personal touch which I absolutely love. They are very big on sustainability which is something I value strongly in a personal care products company. They do not use GMO seeds, chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. They compost everything they can and have on-farm bees that they have raised and cared for themselves. Basically, Rooted Earth is the epitome of an environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural brand. They have a plethora of products including skin care, hair care, perfumes, teas, pain relievers, and much, much more.


I first learned about Rooted Earth a month ago when I was searching online for a natural eyebrow treatment. I am one of those people who had the joy of being born with fine, sparse, patchy eyebrows. They're so bad that when I went to have them professionally shaped for the first time the cosmetologist told me I shouldn't pluck my eyebrows because I gave myself bare patches. Little did she know I had never plucked my eyebrows before. The moral of this story is, my eyebrows needed some serious help. I had researched treatments in the past but found them to be quite expensive (upwards of $45+) and filled with chemicals and ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. I decided to search on Etsy to find a natural remedy and came across Rooted Earth's Eyebrow Potion ($7.25 for 0.35 oz). I thought, "This is probably too good to be true but I'll give it a try." The ingredients are 100% plant based: aloe, oatstraw, sage, marshmallow root, rosemary, nettle leaf/root, and horsetail. 



When I received the product in the mail I was so pleased with how it was packaged and could tell that it was thoughtfully and lovingly put together. Included was a little note thanking me for the purchase and a cloth case with beautifully colored little stones (love these special touches). The potion is packed into a roll-on tube and you are to apply the product twice per day. After taking a before photo of my brow situation I began using the potion each day and night.



The potion is very soothing on the skin and feels a little cool upon application. It fully soaks into the skin within a couple minutes. In order to make sure the product is working its best I shake it before each use and I don't put any other products (moisturizer, serum, etc.) on the eyebrow area. You can see in the before and after photos below that there is not a dramatic difference from the the first to the last photos though there is some change. Unfortunately the quality of my check-in photos isn't the best and I couldn't go back in time and retake them. A little backstory on my brows - the start of them have always been relatively well formed. The tail of my brows are my main problem area. As you can see in the before photo, I have a couple hairs near the end but they are very light and fine. By the end of week 1 the tails filled out a little more. Between weeks 1 and 2 there's not much of a difference. I am going to continue using this product until I run out. If I see a further improvement I will be sure to add an updated post and photo. Also, please note that I have not shaped my brows at all because I wanted to see the full effect of this product so they're looking a little crazy.


All in all, I love this product and am looking forward to trying more items created by Rooted Earth. My brows really give this eyebrow potion a run for it's money. Seeing as I had very sparse hair from genetics, not over-plucking, I'm assuming this makes it very hard to encourage hair growth in an area that has never really had hair to begin with. If you are in need of a brow care product I would definitely recommend you try this stuff. If you do, please let me know how it works out for you! Maybe even take some before and after photos of your own to share.





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