Nature's Gate Toothpaste

September 12, 2017


I first found out about Nature's Gate while living in Raleigh, NC. I got bored of using the same old toothpaste and wanted to try something new yet still natural. The Harris Teeter down the street from our old apartment carried Nature's Gate products so I picked up a few of their toothpastes to try. Honestly, I haven't used another brand of toothpaste since then. I will say, I've never used a toothpaste and thought "My teeth still feel dirty" so naturally, I think it works really well. The flavors are great, especially Creme de Anise. It is so, so wonderful. I don't often think about oral care. I'm bad about flossing and see brushing my teeth twice a day as a necessary and annoying chore. Are any of you like that too? This toothpaste makes it much more enjoyable.


Nature's Gate also has other flavors such as Creme de Mint, Creme de Peppermint, Creme de Cinnamon, Cherry Gel, Cool Mint Gel, Whitening Gel, and Wintergreen Gel. I have only tried the Creme de Anise, Creme de Mint, and Creme de Peppermint toothpastes as I haven't seen the others in stores but would like to try them. The Mint and Peppermint flavors are awesome, I just prefer Anise because it's unique.



All of Nature's Gate's toothpastes are vegan and free of GMOs, carrageenan, soy, fluoride, parabens, sulfates, artificial flavors or sweeteners, and cruelty. So, why should you avoid these things? We all know by now to avoid parabens, sulfates, etc. so I'll just focus on fluoride and carrageenan.


You have probably noticed that conventional toothpastes have fluoride while natural toothpastes tend to eliminate this ingredient. It is a controversial mineral that is added to help prevent tooth decay though we are often overexposed to it via other sources such as our drinking water, canned foods and drinks, processed foods, etc. Taking a look online you'll quickly become overwhelmed with the level of disagreement over the safety of fluoride. Some sources say there are no health risks and fluoride may actually benefits us, while other sources say fluoride can cause reproductive problems, brain damage, bone damage, etc. Suffice to say I'm fine with it not being in my toothpaste.


Carrageenan is an ingredient you may not have heard of before though it is used as a thickener in a variety of natural products, including some natural foods. It is extracted from seaweed and has no nutritional value. Carrageenan is known to cause inflammation and gut irritation. If the inflammation becomes chronic, it may turn into a variety of diseases. The research is still iffy on this ingredient but as with fluoride, I won't be missing it.


The ingredients that are included are quite natural: calcium carbonate, baking soda, aloe, anise oil, white tea leaf extract, pomegranate fruit extract, and cranberry fruit extract, to name a few.


Have you made the switch yet to natural toothpaste? What brands have you tried? If you haven't used Nature's Gate before I would seriously encourage you to do so. Let me know! As always, I love hearing from you.


Size: 6 oz


Price: $3.99 on Vitacost; $21.84 for pack of 6 on Amazon ($3.64/toothpaste) I'm the crazy person that buys this toothpaste in bulk



↠ Leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh

↠ Great flavor selection

↠ Free of harmful or questionable ingredients

↠ Reasonably priced



↠ Not easily accessible where I'm living at the moment so I need to order online


Would I repurchase? Absolutely!


Be on the lookout for another Nature's Gate post. I've been trying out their shampoo and conditioner recently.


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