Beauty Review: Green Tidings Natural Deodorant

August 24, 2018



If you've been following me for awhile, you'll know I've been on the hunt for a good natural deodorant for over a year. Natural deodorants tend to fall into two categories for me: those with baking soda, and those without. I've tried both. Those without baking soda don't last more than 30 minutes to an hour on me (even with no physical activity). Those with make my underarm skin feel dry and leathery. I know the toxins in conventional deodorant are, well...TOXIC. There's no way I'd be going back to them. I'm a little embarrassed to say that on more than one occasion (okay, let's be real, more like a whole lot of months) I used deodorant that just didn't work because a) it was non-toxic and b) I needed to wear something. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have smelled any different if I went without any deo! I would flip back and forth between using deodorant that was ineffective and wearing deodorant that irritated my skin. I kept pushing through trying product after product, hoping to find the one.


When I heard about Green Tidings Natural Deodorant, I'll be honest, I didn't go into the trial process thinking it could be the answer to my smelly armpit troubles. After trying a dozen deodorants (okay, not quite that many yet) I have to admit I became a little discouraged. Is there really a natural deodorant out there that actually works AND is affordable?? I've seen some out there that get to be $20+ for a stick. They may work but damn! Am I right? I'll probably try one someday just because I'm intrigued but I just can't see that being my holy grail, daily deodorant.


Clearly I'm beating around the bush. You guys came here, I'm assuming, to know if this deodorant is a winner. To see if it's all natural, non-irritating, long lasting, affordable, easy to use, and ultimately...THE ONE.


Well guys...


This deodorant is all natural, non-irritating, long-lasting, affordable, easy to use, annnnddddd






I'm so excited to be sharing this with you guys.



If you've already jumped ahead and looked at the ingredients list you might be thinking...wait a just said you are sensitive to baking soda. I know. This one must have the perfect balance!


I have the unscented version which I like quite a bit. Fragrance doesn't bother me so just for variety I'll probably try their Lavender scented version next time. They also make a Calendula & Sage Baking Soda Free version that I'm intrigued by. As you can see, the deodorant comes in a twist up tube for easy application. The packaging is BPA free and recyclable so that's awesome. The full size tube is 2.7 oz and costs $14.99 on their website. You can also buy a three pack for $44.97 which won't save you much other than shipping if you want to stock up. They even have a 1 oz travel size for $7.99. You can buy their deodorants on or Amazon. If you're REALLY lucky you might be able to find some in your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.


As a company, Green Tidings is super cool. Their products are made in a solar powered facility in southern CA and the ink used on their products is water based. These guys really thought of everything!


The ingredients are super simple:


↠ Manihot Esculenta (Tapioca) Starch: soothes, softens, moisturizes, absorbs water, deodorizes, clears up acne, and high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; originates from the cassava plant

↠ Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and high in fatty acids and antioxidants

↠ Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda): anti-bacterial, absorbs moisture

↠ Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter): anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and non-pore-clogging; contains vitamins A, E, and F, proteins, fatty acids, and healing minerals

↠ Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Oil): anti-deodorant

↠ Wild Crafted Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax: natural thickener and moisturizer


You can read more about the details on each ingredient on their website but I gave you the gist here.



When you use this deodorant, a little goes a long way. For the first couple weeks I used it I noticed my underarms felt rough and my skin started peeling. A light swipe or two will last you all day. It's crazy! (For the record, no matter how little I use of other deodorants with baking soda, they still cause irritation.) Even during a workout, this stuff hold up! Another thing I love about this product is it doesn't have any aloe. One thing I can't stand about a handful of natural deodorants is that they'll have aloe because it's nourishing. I'm assuming it's typically put in to counteract the drying effects of baking soda but I find that it just makes me feel so sticky and gross.


Green Tidings, you have done an AMAZING job with this product. I will absolutely be repurchasing and can't wait to try more from your line!


Readers and followers, have you made the switch to natural deodorant? If so, what's your fave product? I'd love to hear about your journey as I know it can be filled with a lot of trial and error.


Until next time!


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